Welcome Global G1G1 2008 Donors!


Yesterday we mentioned that the first XOs were on their way to European G1G1 2008 donors. Now today the first people are reporting that the XOs are indeed arriving on their doorsteps as we speak.

First XO in Austria

This is indeed a good day for One Laptop per Child aficionados on this side of the Atlantic as it's a great chance to grow the olpc communities that many of us have been deeply involved in for the past year or so.

Apart from participating in Give 1 Get 1 and therefore enabling a child in the developing world to get an XO there are many other ways to contribute to OLPC such as

  • working on accessibility solutions
  • creating great learning materials
  • programming activities
  • testing software
  • translating Sugar
  • writing documentation
  • ...

At this point I'm aware of (more or less) active grassroots communities existing in the countries listed below, so if you're interested in contributing to olpc or simply want to have fun with using Sugar's awesome collaboration in-real-life then I'd recommend contacting these groups:

I'm looking forward to welcoming many new members to the global olpc community right here on the OLPC News Forum too.

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Now I understand why the transportation costs a whopping GBP 50 ... I really didn't expect to get this thing before the holidays, but some hours ago it was delivered at my door!

Well why try to run before you learn how to walk?

Even in developed countries the students are still using primitive ways to do their school work... paper

Here is a simple and cheap way for Africa to go one up over developed countries...


...and all it cost the child for the next five years or more .. one pen drive