First XOs on their way to European G1G1 donors


After yesterday's indications that Amazon UK might cancel G1G1 pre-orders due to OLPC not fulfilling them within 30 days I was very relieved to receive an e-mail from a European G1G1 donor who just received the following notification from Amazon:

G1G1 Global is shipping!

Dear XYZ,

Today One Laptop per Child shipped item(s) in your order, placed on
November 17,2008.


The following items were sold by and shipped from One Laptop per Child in
package 1 of this shipment:

1 of OLPC XO Laptop

Shipping Carrier: Poste Belgique

Ship Date: December 16,2008
Shipping Speed: Standard
Carrier Tracking ID: xxx xxx xxx xxx

Your shipping address:



Order Details

Date: November 17,2008

Amazon Order #: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx

1 of OLPC XO Laptop, £275.00*

*above item(s) sold by and shipped from One Laptop per Child
Item Subtotal: £275.00
Shipping & Handling: £50.00
Total: £325.00

Paid by xxxxx: £325.00


Thanks for shopping at

So it looks like European G1G1 donors will be able to put their XOs under the Christmas trees and toy around with them over the holiday!!

A lot of people - both in OLPC's HQ 1CC and in European grassroots organizations - spent a lot of time and energy working on making G1G1 Europe happen over the past few weeks. Kudos to all of them and I'm sure many G1G1 donors around Europe will appreciate their amazing work and hopefully join the efforts by contributing to One Laptop per Child in one way or another.

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Hi there, and the good thing is: it seems to be DHL-Express or something similar: I live in Germany, got the shipping-mail yesterday and the XO wlll be deliverd today (it has already arrived at the DHL-station in my hometown).

-:-), Thomas.

Hi Thomas,

Could you look up your XO on the DHL webpage? All I can see is, that mine is in Belgium - so I tried to call DHL in Denmark to ask when they expected to deliver it, but they told me, it had not yet been picked up :(

Hi Jens Peter,

I could instantly check the delivery-status on the DHL-page (using It starts with the pickup in Brussels,Belgium yesterday at 15:54 and currently ends with the statement that it should be delivered to me today.

As soon as there is any update I will post it here.

-:-), Thomas.

Just received mine here in Switzerland. From the dhl tracking site I can see it took 23 hours and a half to get from Belgium to my house. I am thrilled it made it in time to be opened on Christmas.

Good luck to you all.

Hello there,

mine arrived some minutes ago. It comes in the standard XO-cardboard-box with a leaflet, power-plug and accu. Due to the fact that's it's like 1 degree centigrade outside (and the XO-box and the XO itself are very cold) I will resist the urge to switch it on, but will let it gain some temperature first. From the outside, everything seems to be fine, no cracks etc.

Can't wait to switch it on and get my developer key (glad to have read the WIKI first, thought I could make an instant backup using ACRONIS TRUEIMAGE, but as I know now: not without the developer key).

-:-), Thomas.

Well, congratulations! Mine is apparently still in Belgium, but hopefully it will start moving soon.

Hello Jens Peter,

keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get yours soon!

Nicholas, have you switched your XO on yet? If you did, which SUGAR-version is runnning on it, the latest 8.2.0?

-:-), Thomas.

I just got my email from that the laptop is already on the way - and 1/2 hour later DHL knocked on my door!

Now there is a little green XO (Sugar 0.82.1) in Vienna :-) And since I've got a flu, I have endless amount of time to explore it today!

Have fun exploring your XO and if you feel like toying around with collaboration then you should consider attending OLPC Austria's next public meeting on Saturday, 10th of January
at Museumsquartier, Quartier 21, Raum D
(3PM to 8PM)!

Gute Besserung und Grüsse aus dem 4ten Bezirk.

Danke, ich schaue gerne vorbei!

Ich bin sehr gespannt, wieviele XOs in Wien angekommen sind... habe ja schon laenger auf die Aktion gewartet :)


auch von mir GUTE BESSERUNG für Dich! Get well soon!

-:-), Thomas.


Ein XO ist wirklich eine tolle Ablenkung - vor allem da es mir schon wieder etwas besser geht.

Great to hear that these XOs are arriving at donors' doorsteps in time for Christmas! :-)

Hi all,
Received mine as well during the afternoon (Switzerland) and for those interested it's loaded with Sugar 8.2.0 build 767
So far I noted the trackpad seems a bit wacky...

Hey guys,

Great to see the positive feedback here. Thanks for contributing to the organisation!

It would be extremely cool if you could write about your initial thoughts and experiences as a review on the Amazon storefront where you bought it (


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