Has G1G1 2008 Really Ended? And What's Its Impact?


On Monday, the official OLPC blog said Give 1 Get 1 was ending on December 31.

The only G1G1 now

G1G1 2008 Status?

Yet, today as I look to G1G1 USA, I still see Amazon selling XO laptops. Only G1G1 Global has ended. Last night I even saw a G1G1 advertisement on TV.

So has G1G1 2008 really ended everywhere? Or is this just more marketing confusion from One Laptop Per Child, like child solider videos, resurrecting pop idols, or shipping at the last minute?

G1G1 2008 Impact?

Regardless of its status, I'm wondering about G1G1 2008 impact. First and foremost, how much was raised through XO laptops sales or direct donations? It will definitely be a fraction of G1G1 2007's success - the question is how small a fraction?

By just the amount of hype and press for this year's program vs. last year's, and the lead that Asus Eee PC's made during 2008, I say that G1G1 2008 is maybe 10% of 2007. That said, this year's shipping problems were 1% of last year's.

Which makes me wonder how big G1G1 2007 could have been, and what great goodwill OLPC could've had in 2008 had Amazon been their XO sales partner all along.

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There is a chance that the sales will be higher, as Europe has now been able to buy the OLPC XO.
I ordered one this year (still waiting for it to arrive).
I could have ordered last year, but after hearing about the problems I felt it was not worth taking the chance,
I live in the UK.

Too bad sugar is still terribly broken. I just upgraded my XO from last year's G1G1 (which, as far as i can tell, has identical stats as this year's, which doesn't strike me as the best idea from a marketing point of view), and sugar is still barely usable.

As a geek, i'm prepared to hack a bit to get mp3s working, etc., and eventually give up and install ubuntu. Such wonderful hardware, ruined by "let's build an octahedral wheel" hardware.

my freshly-hewn list of the worst problems are here (did i miss any?): http://tinyurl.com/776nra


I saw your link and it looks fairly easy to understand!

Right now, I still am using the 656 version, since my Sonata, Twinkle, and Opera did not upgrade correctly when I restarted with 757.

Swapping to RAM to disk just seems like a basic thing. Good Point!

I can't find XOs for sale now on Amazon, only the link to Give One works. Pity.

Damn. I'm so disappointed in OLPC. Just as we got some momentum back with donors, geeks, and even my mailman, they go and pull the rug out again.