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Do you remember when OLPC started and Bill Gates said that folks should "get a real laptop" instead of the XO-1. Well at the time, OLPC had what no one else could offer - a sub-$200 computer that was portable and functional.

While it could not run Windows Vista, it did run Windows XP, after a bit of Microsoft hacking.

Now, a few years later you can get a real laptop - or what Bill Gates would define as "real", i.e. a laptop that runs an unaltered Windows operating system. Behold the $230 Asus Eee PC 1001PXD.

And unlike the XO-1 (still!), you can buy one or a hundred new Eee PC's with just the click of a mouse. Oddly, though, you cannot buy a Linux version of the Eee PC 1001.

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It seems that India is serious about their $50 laptop. At the end of the article OLPC takes a hit.

Sakshat tablet – India produces 50 dollar laptop !!

Posted by INDIGENX ⋅ June 17, 2011 ⋅ Leave a Comment

India’s unfortunately-named Sakshat tablet began life as a $10 laptop way back in early 2009 and, in the years since, has had more than its fair share of delays and difficulties. But, after repeatedly dashing hopes and destroying dreams it appears the $35 tablet is just about ready for take off. The Times of India is reporting the first batch of this still slightly mysterious machine will be shipped out at the end of the month to the Indian Institute of Technology for 2,200 rupees apiece — a bit above the goal price at around $50, though government plans to subsidize the devices should cut the cost in half. With one pie-in-the-sky tablet project finally getting out the door, we’re almost afraid to ask — hows that XO-3 is coming along Mr. Negroponte?

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