Zimi thanks Give 1 Get 1 2007 donors


In the run up to this year's Give 1 Get 1 OLPC has been doing a great job collecting photos and videos of the various deployments from around the world on the official OLPC Flickr stream. One of the videos has also made it to the organization's YouTube channel:

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You are more than welcome Zimi. Even if we can pronounce your village's name, we care a lot about you and your schoolmates. Hope your XO inspires you as much as you inspire us.

Wayan, why are you so keen on mentioning that the XO isn't useful to adults? An amazon reviewer wishes that business laptops were like XO in features and I agree with him, other reviewers agree too, why do you insist otherwise?

Old Friend,

For 90% of adults who hear "$100 laptop" the XO will turn out to be a disappointment - its not a cheap Macbook. For the 10% like you or the other reviewer, you can hack your way past its design (for kids) to make it adult useful.

At the same time, I do not say the XO has nothing for the business user. We all would love dual mode screen, mesh wifi, ruggedness, battery life, etc, but in an adult form factor. That is not the XO.

As this is about Zimi: do you know from where he is? Is this related to
the One Here .. One There donation to South Africa? Anyway, their video
and blog are very interesting anyway (and not on official olpc channel,
so I allow myself to post the links here).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Wf3-F7yQo and http://iuohot.blogspot.com/

Btw, I agree with Wayan: XO is great for kids, but for adults in the EU/US
a netbook is better. Best to make it clear before someone gets disappointed.