Where Are All the XO Laptop Donations for OLPC Haiti?


Over 3000 XOs have been donated through the Donate Your Get One/Haiti program.

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Where are XO's for my friends?

But what has happened to these XOs? Surely, the donors would like to know. We can see from the the same page that 200 have been donated to the Waveplace Foundation.

What has happened to the remaining 2800 XOs?

The current rumor is that 1,000 have been shipped to Gaza and 1,000 have been shipped to Afghanistan. With plans to order 1000 replacement Arabic keyboards and 1,000 Dari/Pashto keyboards, respectively, for replacement.

This cannot be what the donors had intended. Has OLPC taken the fine donations of good willing people and scattered them wherever they see fit without care or thought of the reasoning behind the donor's intention?

This is a call to be transparent to OLPC Haiti donors. OLPC needs to elaborate on its actions around our donations.



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Guess they were to get XO-1's, so maybe they did not have enough people trained to supervise the implementation of the laptops? It's just a hypothesis.