Unboxing a Give One Get one XO Laptop from OLPC

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Santa - I want one!
Check it out! The G1G1 XO's are shipping are ready to ship and Morgan Collett is the first kid on his block to unbox an OLPC computer this Christmas.

He's created a Flickr set of his unboxing for us to drool over while we stalk our neighbourhood UPS delivery trucks and I think I may just be too excited to type!

Okay, not that excited, but close. Here's a few items of note:

  1. His XO came with a LiFePo4 battery
  2. He only received a AC adapter to charge the XO
  3. There is a texture difference between the B4 and G1G1
  4. And there is a basic user manual
Now we're only missing one last photo: Morgan grinning ear to ear in geek rapture!

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Question: Did Morgan receive an email with tracking or other information, or did it just appear on his doorstep?

Can't wait for the two I got for my kids. :-)

I like the warnings page in the manual. Especially the first warning. Do not let infants use. DARN, my plan of raising an army of internet savvy pre-toddlers is foiled again.

Awesome, Morgan, thank you for sharing the photos!

Whoa! Morgan Collett does say that the XO he got was exactly like the ones G1G1 participants will get -- but keep in mind that doesn't necessarily mean that regular G1G1 shipments have started yet.

For one thing, you can learn from his blog that Mr. Collett lives in South Africa, and he works for a software firm that does work on some sort of Sugar application -- so it wouldn't be unusual if he got a "real, real early" Mass Production XO.

For another thing, from what I can tell from the http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/devel developers' e-mail listserv, it might be the case that the first G1G1 XO's will ship from Quanta to Brightstar in the U.S. for a last-minute software image installation, and then re-shipped to the recipients. If anybody reading this knows anything about this, please share the info!

Yep, I think Adam hit the nail on the head...

This *IS* a good sign that laptops are ready to ship and will be headed out soon, but it appears from Morgan's posts elsewhere that he may have gotten his XO early because of an arrangement with another organization?

A quote from the current top post at http://planet.laptop.org/:
"...A mass production model OLPC XO-1 laptop arrived today, for the work I’m doing on the Telepathy-based Sugar Presence Service for Collabora Ltd."

Not 100% clear if he ordered it FOR that work and it's part of the same G1G1 program (which means ours are shipping too!) or if he got it special, but I'm assuming we'll receive shipping notification... and probably not until Dec. 10th or later.

"Wet Blanket"

Now I am getting pretty excited!

On a tangent, does anyone know if the power supply will handle 240v or will it only work with 110v ?

I cannot speak for the G1G1 units, but the adapter on this development model is 100-240 V, 560 mA, 50/60 Hz.

Guys, today I was with David Cavallo, OLPC'man for the Latin American region. He was presenting in a conference on technology and education here in Chile.Really inspiring stuff!
Anyway, I was lucky enough to have IN MY HANDS one of the first actual XO which is in fact nicer than the B4 I've been using for the last months. So yes, you should be excited. But be careful and remember: it's for your kids. Not for you, Ok?



We all have a inner child in us Luis... especially those who want to learn MORE python.


Hmm, I'm REALLY hoping LiFePO4 batteries come with all the XOs. Official specs say that they last longer and are much safer than Lithium Ion and NiMH. I'm thinking all wins and no losses. I'm crossing my fingers.

Anyone knows how to get the pull cord charger? I really need that one.

I really like the new texture (or rather the new full-coverage treatment of the texture) -- it's subtle; I wouldn't have guessed that it could change the look quite as much as it does, but after seeing it, the plainer earlier model somehow seems less impressive. The texture gives it some resemblance to carbon fiber car accessories , without getting *too* gaudy.

Too bad about not having a separate power source, but Hey, the tiny power supply is a pretty nice bonus compared to the bricks that power even the smallest of my various other laptops.


I'm disappointed Potenco didn't have these ready to sell in time to coincide with shipping of the G1G1 laptops. I would even be glad to pay $10-20 bucks to have one as I think it would have enhanced the educational and environmental impact on the american children who will be getting them for Christmas.

Not all of us have children Luis. Some of us are getting the XO for both selfish (woo eBook reader!) and for the prospect of developing applications and documentation for it in our spare time.

A cheap platform for kids to learn on is great, but if that cheap platform doesn't have relevant information and materials available it will fail.

I ordered mine at 3 minutes before midnight on the sale date and have yet to see it. :( I am sad. But excited to get it! And glad to be a part of this great G1G1 idea.

I like the new texture. But watching footage of kids using the laptop in tests you see a lot of stickers on them. This might not work so well.
Other than that, I can't wait.

Hey, I'd like to go on record officially as saying these pics are not "Unboxing a Give One Get one XO Laptop from OLPC". If you go to the comments page of the photoset, you can see that I asked him if he was already getting his G1G1 XO and he replied that he had definitely not gotten it through G1G1--his exact words were "No, this was not through G1G1." He goes on to explain that he's a developer and that he got it to test software on. See for yourself: http://urltea.com/2b9y

Can someone please change the headline since it's inaccurate?

NO HUMAN POWER TO US http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_Giving/Crank

* Will the "Get 1" XO include any human-power system?


* Will the "Give 1" XO include a human-power system?

Yes, but only if it is needed and cost effective, determined by the deployment project team. --Quozl 06:38, 19 November 2007 (EST)

Can someone help me please?

I want to let some friends forward the G1G1 package from Canada to germany.

I have 2 questions about it:

1. Does someone if the complete G1g1 package is more than 2 kg and what is the exact weight?

I saw the laptop ist about 1,5 kg plus AC adapter plus package material etc. This should be less that 2 kg i think....

2. How do we make the thing with the customs & taxes? Shall they ask at the post office / package service or what?


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