G1G1 2008: Day One Amazon USA and EU Ordering Status


A few hours into the Amazon.com ordering process and we already have good feedback on both the USA and Europe ordering process.

USA Buyers @ Amazon.com

So far so good - the American XO laptop order process is going quite well. You can buy with ease, and even get next day shipping if you're quick. Just be wary of the return process. Right now it's an infinite loop.
EU Buyers @ Amazon.co.uk
The UK site seems to have some issues. First the publicized link amazon.co.uk/xo does not work, and when you do find the XO (look here), it is not shipping until December 16th, at the earliest. Shipping is listed as UK only on the description, though you can get EU delivery for a wallet-breaking €60/£50.
Despite the glitches, Americans can rejoice in the XO laptop's Amazon sales rank: #1 in Laptop Computers & Electronics for Kids . Now let's carry that momentum through Christmas!

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Brazil is still out, though. I really want to get one.