Masi Oka Says: Help A Child Learn One Laptop at a Time


As we all get excited for G1G1, feed your tech-lust with two new OLPC videos. Here is the first Masi Oka commercial for One Laptop Per Child. A very artistic 30 second spot that should start showing up on TV stations nationwide starting next week:

While Masi just skims the OLPC Foundation surface with his ad, Red Hat takes a closer look at OLPC Brazil's Porto Allegre school pilot in its fourth installment of XO love:

Are they as good as an XO-1 buy? Yeah, I didn't think so. See you in the XO giving line on Monday!

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Woops! Future Maski Oka appearances may be in jeopardy due to the writer's strike according to Walter Bender:

Masi has joined OLPC as our media spokesperson, however, an ill-timed writers' strike precludes Nicholas [Negroponte] and Masi doing some of the talk-show appearances that had been envisioned.

The first add looks kind of porr, for having only photos animated. Looks like somethng I could do in half an hour in iMovie. Then the second one has more appealing graphics and edition but it's not a comercial but a documentary. I wish they could just paste Masi Oka appearance and discourse on the second and make a third, mashup..

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