Woops, Did We Say "Ordered"?

In a stunning development that I say is causing a few heated debates within the One laptop Per Child organization, OLPC HQ is denying they have orders for a million laptops from Thailand, Nigeria, China, and Brazil. To quote the Yahoo.com story:
Reports that Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina and Thailand have each committed to buying a million laptops from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) programme are "incorrect", a spokesperson for the project has told ZDNet UK.

"We have not signed any agreements for orders, but we are in communication with the countries mentioned. OLPC has asked that all interested parties wait to see a working machine before placing their orders," the spokesperson said on Tuesday.
Nice. I wonder if Program Director for Middle East and Africa Khaled Hassounah, the source of yesterday's 4 million orders story is looking for a new job now?

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Are you sure this wasn't just a misinterpretation between the Program Director and the press. That happens with language and cultural differences.

where i can buy OlPC? I am stay in Indonesia. Thanks