Four Countries Commit to Laptops

Desktop Linux reports that earlier reports of Nigeria buying 1 million of the laptops or $1 million worth of computers are incorrect. No one has bought anything yet, especially since there is nothing to buy yet.

DesktopLink did drop a order bomb though:

OLPC program director for Middle East and Africa Khaled Hassounah confirmed to July 31 that Nigeria has indeed committed to buy 1 million machines, and then revealed that Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand also have placed similar commitments.
Whoa! Now that's a big-ass bombshell. Four million units?! Last week OLPC was reeling from the India snub and this week they're sitting pretty - only one more 1 million order and OLPC can start cranking out its $100 $130 hand crank foot pedal sting-powered laptops.

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Im looking at the possibility of purchasing a classroom of students worth of the OPLC's for the South of Thailand in Baan Nam Kem.

I would like to fund a Thai IT teacher for Pratom 5 and 6 level to teach IT classes and help in this region. I currently work in IT for schools here in the UK.

How do I go about purchasing some laptops as a test case prior to purchasing more if It works.
Say around 30 for the test.

I don't really care too much for Red Tape and just want to do it myself as I find its quicker, less money wasted and its not as difficult as the government sector like to make out.

I would recommend other technology experts with the ability to do research and with a get up and go attitude to do the same.