Charlie Rose interviews Nicholas Negroponte


In our ongoing series of bringing you the latest videos about OLPC we found a very interesting interview by Charlie Rose who talked to Nicholas Negroponte about the current state of OLPC, G1G1 and Negroponte's vision for the future.

The 12min interview touches upon a lot of interesting topics such as cultural imperialism, being "anti-school" (or not) and how every child having a laptop would change the world.

Definitely a great interview with lots of food for thought and the potential for many discussions. The first one: How would every child on the planet having a laptop change the world?

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Negroponte CAN be quite convincing.

I can understand how he could talk people into the OLPC.


Yay! Finally someone (yes yes Negroponte himself, even!) who can tell us what happened to G1G1 2007 computers (& how many there were, even!).

Last week I was at a talk on education in Peru which gave 30 seconds to the OLPC, which consisted of a ppt with a photo and the statement, "The government bought a lot of these, but didn't train the teachers in how to use them so it is not going so well." I wonder how Sr. Negroponte would respond?!

xo CG.