Bye Bye Chuck Kane, Hello New OLPC Organization Chart


Now you may not have noticed it, but One Laptop Per Child has fully spit in two per their "refocusing program". We now have a defined OLPC Foundation and OLPC Association. In the process, we've lost Chuck Kane, who is now the former president and COO of One Laptop per Child.

OLPC musical chairs

So for those keeping score, here's the new OLPC Organization Chart:

    OLPC Foundation to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries:
  • Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman
  • Robert Fadel, VP International Operations
  • Edward McNierney, Chief Technology Officer
  • John Watlington, VP Hardware Development
  • Matt Keller, Director for Global Advocacy
    OLPC Association to empower the children of developing countries to learn by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child.
  • Rodrigo Arboleda H. Chairman and CEO
  • Robert Hacker, Chief Financial Officer
  • David Cavallo, VP of Learning
  • Antonio Battro, Chief Education Officer
    OLPC Regional Leads who may be part of etheir organization, or all on their own (I can't tell which)
  • Habib Khan, Director of Education for South and Central Asia
  • Anthony Wong, S.B.S., J.P., President, China and South East Asia
  • Satish Jha, President and CEO, OLPC India
  • Walter De Brouwer, President and CEO, OLPC Europe

Now the question left to ask is: Any changes to staff below the senior level?


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Looking at the OLPC People page, I see we have a few new faces at the upper echelons of One Laptop Per Child's association, foundation, and regional organizations since the [more]


Please check the correct information in this link:
There are some mistakes you should to correct

OLPC changed senior staff yet again - this time since I wrote this post. But if you look at the page source for you can see that my write up was current when I wrote this post - David Cavallo & the others are still in the HTML, just demoted so as not to show online.

I wonder if that was done today, Salma?

This page was changed, more or less, one month ago, David is working at
OLPC Association still, but he is in charge of one project in Rwanda

Nope, not a month ago.

I wrote the post on March 13th, so the website listed these folks in the positions above on that date. On March 20th, the Google Cache shows even less people than the list I made above, and wholly different that the page does today. So its been changed at least 3x in March alone.

Google cache says that OLPC even had less people showing on March 20th!

Google cache of staff page

Michail Bletsas is gone too...

So if I am understanding this correctly, the Association gets laptops purchased, as by governments or development organizations, and the Foundation helps with what happens once they are there.

OLPC seems to have a blind spot for local,poor, in N Amer i.e. Indian reservations (wounded knee et.all.) and urban homeless. Why?