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Looking at the OLPC People page, I see we have a few new faces at the upper echelons of One Laptop Per Child's association, foundation, and regional organizations since the last time we checked in March.

New OLPC Foundation staff:

Barbara Barry, Director of Learning, Middle East: Barbara Barry is an interdisciplinary designer who specializes in creating new technologies and social programs for education and health care. She works with the education and well being of children affected by war, poverty, and natural disasters.

Lidet Tilahun, Director of International Outreach: Lidet Tilahun directs One Laptop per Child's international outreach, fostering, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders around the world. These include public and private companies, national project leads, and senior government officials.

New OLPC Association Staff

Robert Hacker, Chief Financial Officer, OLPC Association: Bob has over 30 years of international business experience, principally in Asia and Latin America. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Florida International University in Miami, where he teaches entrepreneurship, and is a member of the Board of the Pino Family Global Entrepreneurship Center at FIU.

New OLPC Regional Organization staff:

Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director, OLPC Australia: Rangan Srikhanta is the Executive Director of OLPC Australia. He manages the organisation's partnerships with departments of education and training, Indigenous Land Councils, Universities, state and federal Government representatives and major Australian corporations.

At the same there, there are regional staff no longer listed on the One Laptop Per Child website:

  • Habib Khan, Director of Education for South and Central Asia
  • Anthony Wong, S.B.S., J.P., President, China and South East Asia
  • Satish Jha, President and CEO, OLPC India

To paraphrase Project Runway - with OLPC, one day you're in, the next day you're out.

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The new updates show only the employees who are on the payrolls, not those who are running the organization with their own resources.

There is no need to be negative about it.

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