Another XO-1.5 Laptop for sale on eBay


Do you remember Jeff Patzer, the OLPC Intern in Peru? Well he's now selling his XO-1.5 laptop on eBay:

Just though I'd let you all know that I just put up another OLPC XO 1.5 for sale that is identical to the versions you featured a couple of weeks ago. In case anybody missed out on their chance to buy one of the two the first time around, now they'll have a second chance. It's a week long listing.

To date, XO-1.5 laptops have sold for $320-420 USD, so if you want yours, get into the bidding move asap. You only have a 5 days to make your winning purchase.


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$515 !!!
Somebody better start selling


Those are good prices. I bid this XO 1.5 up to $600:

People should put the production model of the laptop in the ebay description. Most of the XO 1.5s on EBay are C2's (show "OLPC D4" in boot info); these don't support solar power well and many have an issue where static discharge to a usb port will fry the wifi card.