OLPC XO-1.75 Costs $185 and Starts Shipping in March


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As the first bits of information become available ahead of CES 2012 the XO 3.0 (aka "the tablet formerly known as XO-3") has been getting a lot of attention in the technology blogosphere and on Twitter (including on @olpcnews, @random_musings, and @olpc). I'll hold of writing a full post about it until Sunday evening or Monday morning as I want to hear about people's hands-on impressions of the prototype. Having said that I do recommend to read Joanna Stern's article over on The Verge for a great summary of what's known at the moment including some fairly up-to-date looking renderings.

An early XO-1.75 motherboard

Aside of the XO 3.0 OLPC and Marvell - which gave $5.6 million to OLPC back in 2010 - are also using CES 2012 to show off the ARM-based XO-1.75. As mentioned yesterday we already knew pretty much everything about the machine except for its price and availability.

With regard to the price I confirmed with OLPC Association's CFO Bob Hacker that the XO-1.75's list price will be $185. As with the XO-1 and XO-1.5 the exact price depends on a number of variables such as the specific hardware configuration (RAM and NAND flash for mass storage) and other details.

As for the availability a joint press release by Marvell and OLPC which Engadget published says that:

Marvell and One Laptop per Child also announced today that the XO 1.75 laptop will begin shipping to customers in March 2012. Over 75,000 units of the XO 1.75 have already been ordered by OLPC projects in Uruguay and Nicaragua.

An interesting detail here is that it seems like Uruguay decided to go for 8GB of NAND flash for mass storage while Nicaragua opted for 4GB.

In combination with the previously mentioned reduction in power consumption of the XO-1.75 this price point is certainly a welcome improvement over the currently available XO-1.5 machines.

Resumen en español: El precio de lista del XO-1.75 (que esta basado en la plataforma ARM) es $185 y las primas 75,000 maquinas van a ser enviados a Uruguay y Nicaragua en marzo.


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Our OLPC partnership in Kibwezi, Kenya, began with G1G1 first day - our two, two by our offspring, one by a couple in our local church, one by a Mission leader in our local church. Now there are a hundred in Kibwezi, Kenya, and the original SIX G1G1 plus two or three from eBay being used in after-school tutoring here (mostly immigrant family students). I would like to see a new Amazon G1G1 option this year 2012. The immigrant family young students like the existing systems. It would be great to be able to "give" each student one to take at the end of each year of tutoring.

Bobm, you're certainly not the only one who's interested in seeing another Give 1, Get 1 (though admittedly most folks are thinking of the XO 3.0 rather than the XO-1.75). However I'm not aware of any plans by OLPC to bring back the program in 2012 but who knows, maybe they change their mind until Christmas...