Donate Your Unloved XO Laptops to Lubuto Library


The Lubuto Library Project builds beautiful, indigenously-styled open-access libraries that serve street children and other vulnerable and out-of-school children in sub-Saharan African countries, starting in Zambia.

The libraries, owned and run by Zambians, offer a wide array of programs, including mentoring and use of OLPC XO laptops, that provide the children with a bridge to schools and social services that are beyond the reach of vast numbers of them.

We successfully introduced 10 XO's at the first Lubuto Library, in Lusaka, Zambia, in February, 2009 - see XO Empowered Street Children at Lubuto Library - and they have been in almost constant use ever since:

We are now completing our second library, in another part of Lusaka where there are many street children needing services, and we would like to provide as many of the XO laptops as we can get. The former street children who work with our libraries are adept in training, and we can assure you that the laptops will be heavily used and appreciated for as long as they last by some of the most vulnerable children on the planet.

Your donation of a laptop is tax-deductible and we will immediately send a receipt with our thanks. You cancontact us here.

Jane Meyers is president of the Lubuto Library Project, Inc.

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