Marvell XO-3 Moby tablet in Developed World First, says Nicholas Negroponte


Take a look at this video from Nick Barber at IDG News service. When you listen to Nicholas Negroponte talk about the XO-3 usage, do you notice anything odd?

How about this telling quote from Negroponte, with emphasis added:

"At CES [2011] we will show a tablet that can be and will be used for children in the developed world that will allow us to start testing many of the things that combine, if you will, a laptop, an iPad, and a Kindle, and sort of take those and put them into one device."

Now match that up with the press release quote from Weili Dai, Marvell's Co-founder and Vice President, with emphasis added:

"Marvell has made a long-term commitment to improving education and inspiring a revolution in the application of technology in the classroom. [...] Education is the most pressing social and economic issue facing America."

Having read the tea leaves in OLPC pronouncements for over four years now, I say this means we'll see Marvel releasing an XO-3 branded Moby tablet in the US marketplace (and on, where they can ship real volume without waiting for Negroponte to make national-level sales deals.

As mavrothal says, look at the bright sight of Marvell Moby (XO-3). You will not need a G1G1 or 1000 units to get a XO-3/Moby :-)


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Like anything else that Negroponte says, I'll believe it when I see it, but at least the ideas are good. Of course the developed world should be targetted first--why should we expect Rwanda to pony up for $100-$200 per student for a computer when even the wealthiest countries haven't made that investment yet? And, if what you speculate is true, that these will be for retail sale like any other computer, that will be even better.

I also think a tablet is the way to go for U.S. schools, assuming that it's connectable to an external keyboard. Beyond that, I'll believe everything else about this announcement when I see it.

Also, did anybody else catch these remarks by Negroponte quoted in a New York Times blog (contrasting the open XO-3 with the iPad):
"We'll run anything, including viruses and flash"

Yay, the XO-3 will run viruses!! Can't wait to pick one up!!

Negroponte is a visionary who led the creation of many path-breaking technologies that define the world of information technologies that we use everyday.

He is not a product developer. His core strengths seem to be very different from product creators.

He is not a businessman either. Had he monetized all the innovations that MIT Media Lab made possible and just took a small royalty allowed by MIT, he will be in the Fortune 50 list of billionaires as well.

But everyone is different. He enjoys life the way it is. But of all the people I have heard on technology, he is constantly challenging the world with a cause, this time a social cause.

Just that I wish he was also a businessman. He would have succeeded way beyond and benefited many times more children.

His philanthropic model creates questions that delay the deals.

His announcements hurt his own organization.

In other words, he is a one of a kind visionary innovator who has hit upon an idea to change the world of education faster than imaginable just a few years ago.

What all do you want to demand from him?

As Satish Jha would say, Negroponte is more an idealist than people would like to believe.

XO3 is a good news..and not so good for those trying to take XO1.5 to the children in India.. as it may just postpone all decisions by a year!

This is great!

I just hope they will sell to individuals and don't start that G1G1 and "buy at least a 1000 units" nonsense.

If they produce a well-built, ~10" PixelQi tablet with 10-20hrs battery runtime and decent browsing speed for $100, they will definitely sell millions. (and I will be first in line).

I'd be right in line to. I would proudly and gladly pay 100 for my nephew and neice and myself if it was 100 and ran flash and open source software.

It is also a good idea to start with the developed word first (as so many people suggested to Negroponte, only he didn't listen):

- Buying power is present (at $100, some will buy 3-4 units and use them as home tablets as well)
- Infrastracture is present (e.g.: charging at school, home)
- Maintenance is easily available

The thirst for knowledge about the world is huge in underdeveloped countries. I have had students make huge efforts to connect and learn. Also don't be sure about the lack of facilities in developing countries. Vietnam has a very good internet and mobile network (better than Australia and NZ) with most of its citizens having some form of mobile phone even though a lot of people are still poor by Western standards I think this is a great idea, and will be hugely successful if implemented efficiently. About selling in developed countries I see that is sensible, get it on a firm financial footing first and the volumes up and costs down. Though I see nothing wrong with a sponsorship program running concurrently. people buying and shipping out to schools say. tablets and shipping them out to schools in developing countries

If he harnessed the thirst here for $100 flash enabled tablet here he could by every needy african child one, or be way closer to that goal.

The ipad sold 2 million in two months for about $500 each. Many are upset you can't even access much flash or java content. Let's assume that many would pay $150 for themselves and someone else for something better. I would and I know many that would if it was cheaper than ipad.

My impression is easily 5 million people buying this in a few months. Elif it was 150, that would be 50 million extra dollars,which would let them make 50,000 extra tablets they could givaway or use to help the cause.

It's win win selfishness. The industrial world would gladly buy $150 flash enabled fast tablets, which would fuel third world $100 ones.