XOh the Humanity! The First XO Brick Delivery

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Wanted: a XO heartbeat

So, I was a first day donor (bought online about two hours in) and finally got my XO this morning... and it is DOA! No lights, no power.

Like many of us, I've been reading the blog posts from folks who'd gotten theirs already, and I've been dying to get my hands on one. You can only imagine the horror as it slowly set in that I wasn't doing anything wrong, but that my XO was actually completely non-functional (no charge lights or power up or errors, no activity at all).

It turns out, to the best of my knowledge, that mine is the first brick that's been reported to OLPCNews. Not a distinction I'd like to have, but there it is. After the initial fury/disappointment, I remembered that this is a charity organization, and I started to understand why they were hesitant to sell to consumers in the US.

Understandably, they don't really have the infrastructure for consumer support since they're not a commercial organization, and the usual anger I'd have for tech- support on a bricked product melted away a bit at that thought, I felt a sort of peace.

I was on hold for about 50 minutes with OLPC support (the hold music is a 4 minute loop, but at least it's not Christmas music!), and got a volunteer that had me try the standard things (reseat the battery, power on without the ac adapter, etc), before taking my information and telling me that a technician would call me back at some point.

Due to the grass-roots nature of the project, I'm resigning myself to the fact that a replacement is most likely a long way off, and that it most likely won't be here before Christmas. But, it's about the kids anyways, right?

As long as the donated-half of my order gets there fine, I can wait a while. And considering that I'm the first report of a brick, they're still doing a pretty great job.

My XO is dead. Long live the XO!

If you think you can help Charles Hoey, then follow up with him in the OLPC News Forum

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Your dedication it inspiring.... Has anyone on the west coast received theirs? I am waiting for a Phoenix delivery, and I ordered within minute 1 of day 1... Anyone in similar shoes?

Charles, it looks like that 30-day warranty they give us is perfect for you :) :(

I'm SO sorry you're dealing with that, though. The only thing worse is getting an empty XO box delivered.

Mac, some of us west coasters have gotten delivery dates Portland: 19th, LA: 20th, but at least a few of us (myself included) are still waiting for FedEx to validate our existence--I mean--let us know when ours will arrive. I won't bore everyone by pointing out that I was a 3AM PT Day 1 Donor. Oops, just did! ^_^

Check out http://www.OLPCNews.com/forum/ for more on deliver dates, etc.

Thanks, Pete! I'll just keep hanging in there....

Is this site G1g1 news or olpc news. I am tired of all this selfcentered american xo materialism. Can we please get some news aabout olpc on the international scale. How is Uruguay doing? are there any other deployments going on?

Thank You

EASY, man! Helping other nations and being excited about your own laptop aren't mutually exclusive feelings. You need to relax.

I apologize for my attitude. I have already recieved mine, so my excitement about g1g1 is less than everyone else who hasn't recieved thiers yet. After seeing all of these g1g1 posts I thought we were starting to lose focus on the educational project that olpc is supposed to be.

I want to reference the poll http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=186.0
where many recievers of the xo are giving negative reviews of the laptop. I posted on the forum that this community needs to start focusing on creating tutorials and educational materials for teaching xo users how to operate applications and install new ones. This support effort I believe is going to be the key to success or failure of the olpc project.

Fair enough and good point. You are right that the XO community is going to have its work cut out for it in enabling this project to move forward successfully.


Are we looking at the same poll? The one I see that you link to shows 9 of 10 people who have an XO really liking it.

Maybe you might want to look at other first impressions: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?board=10.0

So, bintoudoyle, we're selfish because we won't shut up about the XO laptop we don't have yet but you do? Talk about the pot calling the kettle, sheesh. For someone who is criticizing our materialism, you might want to be happy for someone else. Just a suggestion, of course. Apology accepted. :)

Sorry--it's just frustrating since many of us have been accused of being selfish because we're upset we're not getting our XOs the way we expected to get them. Criticism like this sells us short since we *are* involved with this program, after all. Hey, we got this far, give us a break. I'm saying this to everyone critical of our frustration at the state of deliveries, not just you, bintoudoyle.

However, you are expressing understandable frustration, as well. I'm a Mac-person and when ever a new Apple product is released, unless I'm buying it, I stay away from TUAW.com (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) because I know it's going to be all iPhone stories or all Leopard stories or all-whatever stories for a couple of weeks. By the new year the dust will settle and more OLPCnews will be covered here, I'm sure.

I don't feel it is "materialistic" to want to receive our XOs ASAP. With a Dec 31 ordering deadline fast approaching, some of us want all the time we can get to take our cute "little green monsters" out to Starbucks and Borders to get others excited about ordering in the G1G1 program.

Now if they would just include an informational brochure for us to copy and hand out...did they??? If not, maybe someone could design one and post it somehow.


Hi there! I had the same question re: "stuff to hand out" -- I hope this post (from several days back) will help in the quest for informational brochures / flyers:



Good point, Caryl. That's one of the many reasons I'd like my XO ASAP, too. I spend a lot of time in coffee houses and was planning on printing out a bunch of Fricka's fliers to bring with me. But if the deadline stays at 12/31, there's only so many conversions any of us will be able to make. :\

Umm, okay so I am getting a lot flack for my comments. This is all very justified They were harsh and seemed critical of this community which has worked hard for so long and participated in this forum for much longer than I have and is responsibile for so much of the hype about this great idealistic humanitarian project which I also hope succeeds.

One side note, Wayan, I think you need to take another look at the poll which you created, I think the last catergory "If I only had one too..." Maybe I don't understand that comment but becuase it is at the bottom of the list I thought it meant that it was the worst review of the laptop. after thinking about it a little, I think it was the category for people who hadn't recieved their xo's yet. Dude's you guys work so hard I am so sorry for wasting your time or getting you agravated and questioning your moral focus.

Good Luck, Keep working hard, and stay healthy and safe!!!!

hey guy the ones who have received their XO what do you think

Hey just wondering in there anyone from NYC who has had some of the same thoughts about fundraising to get these computers in our schools.

On the topic of materialism and being an american myself, I do agree with you bintoudoyle. It's especially a trait that affects a large majority of us north americans this time of year due to being a very end consumer-centric continent.

Don't let that dishearten you though, there are plenty here in the U.S. and up in Canada who have participated in the G1G1 program just to be able to tangibly hold one of these laptops, in the hopes that we could tinker a bit, give something back to the community, and eventually pass it on to someone else who would find it more benificial. Rest assured we have our share of philanropists :)

It's a rough time of year for us to shine tho amongst the traffic and brutal selfishness that exhibits itself at the malls, outlets, and ebay-like sites where people are there to "get what's theirs and get out" in preparation for a tradition that lost it's original meaning a long time ago for many.

If any reads into when I say "lost its original meaning" and is offended or confused by what I mean...I recommend an excellent book, "The Gift," by Lewis Hyde. It's simply a book that intimately observes what a gift really is, how it transforms us when transformation isn't sought after. Fascinating stuff really, requires an open mind and heart. For those that get exactly what I mean, happy holidays to ya :)

I like what you wrote Adam. You running for president anytime soon?

As hard as it is to wait, and as rugged as an OLPC is supposed to be, as a reminder, electronics received when it is very cold outside are best left unopened in the packaging box for 24 hours inside to acclimate to room temperature. At the very least wait an hour. Otherwise the rapid heating of components to operating temperatures from freezing can potentially cause thermal shock and cracking to delicate components (like if you put hot water into an ice cold glass bowl). Computers have less problems if they are hot to begin with, so this is not going to be a big issue when delivering to hot climates. Not saying this is what happened to you -- just a reminder to others.

Good advice all around.

Several SF Bay Area folks, including me, got our G1G1's yesterday (Thursday). First lesson came overnight: unlike a PowerBook/MacBook, closing the lid doesn't put it to sleep.

Also, last night I participated in the interactive marketing association Bay Area Interactive Group (BIG)'s dinner at which they announced a $10,000 donation through G1G1, providing 25 laptops to a needy country ("Afghanistan", they said, although they may have just been giving an example), and 25 to a designated local school: Starr King Elementary, on San Francisco's Potrero Hill. The principal spoke of the "two Americas" economic/technology access divide being very visible in the school, and the lack of working computer equipment, so the donation will be very much appreciated and will make a difference. The dinner (with hundreds of people attending at a downtown San Francisco hotel) featured a silent auction to raise the funds.



P.S. I'm hosting a San Francisco OLPC User Group meeting on Monday: the One Laptop Per Coworking brown-bag lunch at Citizen Space, a coworking community in downtown San Francisco. I helped start the Berkeley Mac Users Group (BMUG) so I know a little bit about organizing communities of practice, and I'm happy to share.

Event Details/RSVP:

I'll be in touch with the DC community organizers as that's where I'll be the rest of the week!

I received my g1g1 xo today and it was DOA too. Mine at least had the green battery and power lights on. Bummed.

received my xo today and unfortunately i had the same problem. other than the green battery and power light on unpon plugging it in, there is absoutely no activity. wouldn't someone give it a test run before dropping it in the mail? no problem for me but it might be awfully anti-climactic for a kid in uganda!

I read this in the docs just now, I hope it helps:

> If your XO laptop was damaged—and you received it through the Give1Get program—please call 800-201-7144.

I received mine today, and it seems to work: it hooked itself up to my wireless modem (and saw several others in the neighborhood), it ran those of its applications I called for, and it was able to read and write to a Unix-formatted USB stick. There is hope for Uganda and Uruguay!

I hope the g1g1 program can be extended beyond December 31st. I very much like the idea of give-one-give-one, that is, one to the Third World abroad and the other to the Third World at home (not hard to find!) But it takes time for these things to catch on. I know a lot of people are going to get interested when they _see_ mine actually working. Why, I might even go into a Starbuck's with it!

So, I was a first day donor (bought online about two hours in) and finally got my XO this morning... and it is DOA! No lights, no power.

Like many of us, I've been reading the blog posts from folks who'd gotten theirs already, and I've been dying to get my hands on one. You can only imagine the horror as it slowly set in that I wasn't doing anything wrong, but that my XO was actually completely non-functional (no charge lights or power up or errors, no activity at all).

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