No, Quanta will be OLPC OEM

TG Daily reports that Digitimes says Taiwanese computer manufacturer Quanta will be the OLPC manufacturer.

That Quanta President Michael Wang says Ouanta will start production in the first quarter of next year lends credibility to rumors that the OLPC laptop is facing production delays and contradicts China Wall's announcement that it will be making the OLPC's in Shanghai.

No matter who makes the fabled $100 dollar laptop, they're gonna need orders first. No word yet on firm commitments from any country for that.

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The ultimate act of treason against the American People who funded and developed the bulk of the computing technologies. Now we have folks who live in the safety and enjoy the lifestyle of America trying to take apart America from within by arming other countries to compete and take away jobs from America.

To make things worse, the manufacturing of these "devices" will not be in America. I wonder if these "intellectual treasonist" think about that when they go to sleep at night in their American Homes protected by the American Working class who ultimately enables the American military that is being abused as a mercenary force these days by our equally treasonist "Government" what is allowing and facilitating this...

The previous comment (by "American Patriot"), is missing the point of the OLPC all together.
The intent for the laptop is to empower and educate children through the use of technology, and connect the world's next generation of thinkers. Looking at this from a Global issue as opposed to a US (only) issue, Negroponte looked at optimization, therefore if it's cheaper to build it in country X, so be it. At the end of the day, the objective is not commercial, but rather EDUCATIONAL. Who cares where its built, as long as it's reliably built. (have you ever read what's written behind an iPod ?)

May I know if there's an available unit for sale for personal use?

There will be very pleasant surprises this year..however I'm not at liberty to make anymore disclosures. So, keep up the faith and the good work everybody is putting in this effort. As far as "American Patriot", let's hope eventually he and all the others like will understand !