OLPC News Christmas Shopping List for XO Laptop Lovers


We may all be hoping for a Green Christmas, but by the looks of the G1G1 shipping lottery, not everyone will have an XO laptop under their tree by December 25.

Before you curse OLPC, remember that they are focused on children in the developing world. You should be focused on being a good American consumer, and I'm here to help. I've just complied the OLPC News Christmas list for XO laptop lovers on Amazon.com featuring the thought leaders of One Laptop Per Child:

Nicholas Negroponte
  • Being Digital - Negroponte's breakthrough work on the history and future of technology
  • OLPC on 60 Minutes - a must-have for every OLPC-loving geek if only to see Craig Barrett squirm.
  • I ♥ Nicholas Negroponte - you know I will be wearing this T-shirt with pride come summer. (my favorite!)
Seymour Papert
  • Mindstorms - the book that started the computer revolution in school education
  • Chilren's Machine - the basis for the XO, a stimulating case for computers as a primary route to knowledge
  • Connected Family - a guide for parents looking for constructive strategies to educate their children
Order today, and you can still use Amazon's Super Saver Shipping and get your treats by December 25!

Now, you might be one of the Give One Get One lucky ones who is already creating Starbucks envy in your neighbourhood. If so, then check out the OLPC News XO Laptop Accessories Forum for more stocking-stuffer ideas.

Last but not least, you could really be anti-OLPC, or just be different. In that case, here's two options that are free of all this philanthropic holiday cheer:

Alternative Geeky Gifts
  • Asus Eee PC - the OLPC alternative for those who want XP-like foolishness on a UMPC
  • Amazon Kindle - if you want your eBook reader with DRM

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When are we going to see Negroponte's likeness on a bib... or a thong? Ah, Cafepress.

Haha! That glowering, condescending eyes-over-glasses face would be great on underwear. Gotta make sure to include the cufflinks in the image.

I don't think, that the goals of OLPC and shopping at Amazon mix very well.

But that is just my opinion.

I don't think the snarky remark about the Eee ("the OLPC alternative for those who want XP-like foolishness on a UMPC") is fitting. The Eee's default ("easy") configuration, with tabbed screens, doesn't resemble a Windows interface. The "advanced" mode can look like a windows desktop, but it's Linux after all, so you can skin it with all sorts of different appearances to fit your preferences.

More importantly, I don't think it makes sense for the OLPC and Eee communities to be at odds with each other. We all benefit from more interest, diversity, and development in inexpensive notebook and subnotebook machines that are based on an open Linux OS.

I agree with you John. I don't see anything wrong with making you desktop appear/act likw Windows, if you so choose (heck that is what of the great things about linux in the first place.) The two laptops are aimed at different audiences so they should not even compete....

I love my Eee - I couldn't buy an XO so satisfied my techno lust with this tiny miracle.
And its nothing like Windows...XP foolishness indeed.

Eee PC doesn't come with Windows XP.

Wayan seems to delight in spreading FUD.

Here's some info on how your beloved leader is doing:

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