OLPC Peru: Teacher's Technology Talk on XO Laptop


While I don't understand their Spanish, I've enjoyed watching Rocío Flores and Hernán Pachas discuss One Laptop Per Child in Peru on "Teacher's Technology Talk". At least check out their fancy threads:

They seem to focus mainly on the XO laptop, and its usage. For someone who has breathed OLPC for three years, its fun to remember just how radical this idea really is to the rest of the world.

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They explain (to a public that should apparently be the teachers who received the laptop and have no idea what to do with it) how to power the laptop, how to use the solar panel to charge it, how to recognize them (they say there are more than 400 combinations of colours for the XO logo) and how to turn the screen around to put it on tablet mode (they don't use that term :-)).

As I'm not watching TV, I'm not sure on what channel this is broadcast, but it sure is better than nothing. Apparently it's going to be a long series of short info flashes like this one (given the way they say "see you later").

Just a short infomercial - extolling the virtues of the XO - directed at teachers in Peru.