An OLPC Chile Interview on Children's Machine XO


Are you wondering what those crazy kids of OLPC Chile are doing now? You could follow them on their website, but why settle for plain text?

You can check out Eduardo Siva, the only Chilean with a Children's Machine XO, and Leo Prieto play with an OLPC XO BTest-1 for a full nine minutes of video hilarity. And if you understand Spanish, you may even get the fly joke:

Oh, do excuse the background noise. Apparently the interview was unplanned, but at least the lunch was tasty.

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Hi Folks,
I think I have the dubious honour of being the producer of the worst ever OLPC video available so far. This was actually an informal shooting after lunch. And despite of its terrible quality the video has been ranked among the top 20 most viewed in Youtube ( in Spanish) this week! And yes, the lunch was good and the dead fly only passed away after we put the XO on that table … ;)

Jokes aside, we are absolutely committed with a citizen’s run campaign called ONE COMPUTER PER CHILD (yes, computer, not laptop), which is trying to get broader national commitment with the use of technologies in education.

This campaign is targeted to our bicentenary (2010). We propose that Chile should be able to add 1 million computers to the educational system by that year.

The 1 million students with computer access has to do with the fact that currently we have over1 million kids (ages 5-18) living in poverty.

Unfortunately, today’s poor and disadvantaged children are going to stay trapped in the vicious circle of poverty unless we take further action, as a nation, to actively include them in the future of this country. The future, according to all views, is going to be built around knowledge, technology and innovation. We don’t suggest that a laptop or any other machine is THE SOLUTION to their problems. But we are sure they can be a PART OF THE SOLUTION. The can open up new opportunities and improve the access to information for all the kids left aside, mainly those living in rural areas.

For that reason, technologies such as the XO machines or others (Classmate, why not?) can make a huge difference. Apparently our government and vast sectors of our societies still don’t understand this. We, the citizens, are doing something to make that clear.

Greetings from the south

PS: I have made yet another horrible video (this time in English) explaining some key ideas behind the Chilean 'One Computer per Child' campaign:

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