Tuquito in McDonald's: Argentinean OLPC Video Duel


It's Tuesday. You've made it past the Monday crunch. You have a few minutes and you'd like to catch up on the latest OLPC Argentina news. Then may I direct your attention to two dueling videos by Mauro Torres of Tuquito?

The first One Laptop Per Argentina Child video is a very polished submission for Alternaria TV with Nicholas Montoza where he and Mauro show the Tuquito-modified Sugar user interface:

Next up we have a fun geek gab fest with several guys goofing around with the OLPC XO. Note its almost the same crew and now you can tell that the video is shot in a McDonald's restaurant:
Hmm… is this a trend I detect, South American Children's Machine XO demonstrations in restaurants? First Chile, and now Argentina. Brazil and Uruguay, you're turn!

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Thanks, I posted these at http://olpc.tv , my unofficial OLPC video-blog, by the way.. I'm the guy who made the OLPC videos from CES in January and WCIT in May 2006, I hope to do more OLPC videos soon, I am going to CeBIT, and will be looking for the OLPC there, and aggregate all the videos that are posted.

could it be that its there because the do have wlan access there?