Free Music Project: Creativity on Children's Machine XO


While we are all impressed by mini TamTam, the OLPC XO music generation software, not every child is a composer at heart. But every child can find joy, fun, creativity, and education in music.

olpc free music project
We wanna sing & dance!

That's the idea behind the Free Music Project, a library of the best free music the web has to offer from

This will be your music -- you are the curators and creators. We want everything: all genres, all time periods, all cultures -- as long as it is available under a license for sharing and collaboration.
And Free Music Project's first collaboration is with One Laptop Per Child. Selected songs uploaded to the library will be preloaded onto Children Machine XO's and will reflect the great variety of global music and musical traditions.

And you can get your favorite song in the "$100 laptop" library in four easy steps:

  • Find your favorite freely-licensed music.
  • Upload it on
  • Outline the license this music is being shared with, specifying how others can re-mix and build upon it.
  • Watch as your contribution may be shared with the world via the OLPC project!
Now what if your favorite tune isn't open for re-use? Then its time to contact the rights owners and get them onboard - future listeners are waiting. Or better yet, make your own child-centric tunes with the Antenna Alliance recoding service.

Either way, get your songs in ASAP as Free Music will be considering songs in the order they were received until April 1st, and there's only room for 20 megabytes of audio in compressed form on the individual computers.

Music that doesn’t make the first cut may go on the One Sever Per School, and all songs will be available on the Free Music Project website.

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well.. this is pretty cool in molding young's mind . this is truly one great idea, I must say

Yes, I agree. It's a good thing that even at a very young age, music can be one of the best ways to develop the talents and abilities of our future generation. It's really unique and enjoyable specially that it provides one laptop per child.

More OLPC music, now with Jamendo.

The free music community has partnered with the One Laptop Per Child to bring more Creative Commons music to the $100 laptop. The XO will now include collections of children's free music from Jamendo in OLPC's content library. More info here:

OLPC's free music collection is growing! From Community News:

The music curation team had a listening jam last week, pulling together works from individual artists and DJs, from the Beatpick and the Free Music Project. This is being coordinated by Romain Becker and Sylvain Zimmer of Jamendo, and by Elizabeth Stark, who are processing the faxed copyright releases and attribution needs of the artists.

Artists and bands on-board since last week include DJ C, DJ Spooky, Tripwire (, Rainvan, and Split. All have contributed songs under an attribution license and at least one collection under a non-commercial license (for school libraries).

Walter Bender has an update on OLPC music:

Jamendo now has an OLPC music portal up, with help from Free Culture and the Antenna Alliance (See for the first posted bands and albums of freely licensed music). They are also gathering signed copyright statements from all authors for the collections.