Chicago Tribune Needs OLPC Fact Checkers

Chicago Tribune reports a whole slew of out-of-date news as current and facts that are outright wrong in today's "Alien Skin blows up; laptop shrinks tech gap article.

First off, they say:

Some pretty stunning video of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project's distinctive orange clam-shelled case with a fat antenna sticking up on each side of the color screen came out of the Red Hat Linux meeting in San Francisco on Friday.
But if you check out the Google Video, its time stamped June 6th and Silicon Valley Sleuth broke the news June 2nd.

Next James Coates, the author of the article, apparently didn’t watch the video for he still thinks there's a hand crank included in the design. If you've been following along, you know that it uses a hand crank foot pedal strings.

Then he throws out the now discredited claim of 4 million pre-orders for $100+ dollar laptops. Again, James, if you do a quick Google search, or better yet, read OLPC News, you would know that OLPC itself says the 4 million orders statement was "incorrect".

Yo, James, next you wanna write about the OLPC, drop me a line. I'll keep you guys in the right.

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