Charbax Picks Up Journalists With His XO Laptop


Our very own Charbax used the XO laptop to pick up two hot Catherines, reporters each for the French news media Europe1 and Canal, and then videotaped them playing with his XO:

Let this be a lesson to all - the XO laptop is a serious chick magnet.

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Those women definitely are FRENCH! They like looks over performance! The guy failed to tell them that YouTube videos will not run smoothly on the XO by default. He also was overly optimistic with his battery life!

I have an Intel Atom processor as my desktop using my ASUS EEE BOX 206 with XP and it gets the job done! I have 2G of memory and it just uses between 15-20 watts of power, but usually just 15 watts. My 19" LCD monitor/TV uses another 20 watts. My add on self powered speakers use another 3 watts and fills up my apartment with sound! My XO uses about 15 watts of power. My cable modem uses another 5 watts extra. As I write this note without without sound, but my UPS is being recharged, I am just using 44 watts in total.

Anyone thinking of getting an Intel Atom into an XO chasis? We all know that the Intel Classmate is not as good as the XO for durability? Lean power is good, nut let's get at least a machine that will allow us to get more memory added. My ASUS got 2G of memory added for just $25 and runs fairly well!

XO 1.5 ads lots of power at yet lower power usage, check my latest videos from the OLPC team in Taipei at

The question of Youtube not working is less a processing/ram lack in XO 1 than it is just bad support by Adobe for its proprietary Flash technology on anything else than Intel and Microsoft products.

To be fair Adobe Flash isn't much better in Windows. In fact computers of comparable performance to the Geode have problems with Flash in Windows. Many netbooks have problems with HD flash content.

However if the raw FLV files are downloaded and played in Media player classic HC or VLC they play fine.

Flash is a piece of garbage that slows down the web browsing experiance in any platform.

Did you personally get the battery figured quoted? With the 20 hours in B&W mode that's for e-reader mode where the computer goes to suspend. No? You don't actually get 20 hours of the computer on with a B&W screen.

And in colour running mode do you actually get 5-10 hours?