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Seeing all the comments flying back and forth today, I realized that OLPC News needed a better discussion facilitation platform, a place for freewheeling commentary that is not limited by post or blog.

So now we have the OLPC News Forum.

There you will find several categories of discussion and exploration of One Laptop Per Child:

  • G1G1 Introduction: Are you a G1G1 Donor? Shout out now!
  • XO Laptop Help: Questions about using the XO laptop
  • XO Activities: Got a new software application for the OLPC? Let us know here.
  • XO User Groups: Wanna start an XO User Group? Post your location & organization here.
  • OLPC Press & Blogs: Your opinion on who is talking about One Laptop Per Child.
  • OLPC Publicity: Ideas and actions to promote the One Laptop Per Child program
Now go forth and discuss the One Laptop Per Child program to your multi-thread content. If you have suggestions to improve the forum, including Categories you want to add and/or moderate, do let me know.

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The forums look good and kudos to whoever put in the work to set them up.

How about using a Social networking site like OLE uses it and I am quite impressed w/ it.

I would set it up myself but I am swamped. I may be able to get a friend to set it up.

We need a way to connect the individuals working on OLPC and related projects. For example, I am working on Nepal's OLPC pilot but I don't know who is working on it Peru. I would love to be able to get in touch w/ those folks more easily.

An excellent initiative Wayan - in my mind, the forum will make a significant difference to G1G1 community. Thank you!!

Why Bryan, who do you think set up the forum? Might it be I, pulling an all-nighter and geeking out to make OLPC News even more encompassing?

And to that extent, we already have a place for local OLPC user groups: And I am happy to add boards a-plenty for every group or team.

Ah, but before I get too all-about-myself on this geek feat, I could use some serious help in developing the look and feel of OLPC News Forums to match OLPC News.

Can ya help? Please email me:

To: Bryan Berry
classroom2.0 is a ning site with a group for the XO: It has just formed and has 17 members.

The pre-installed browser IS Firefox under the hood. What you may want to install is the Flash player.

The purpose of Sugar is to provide the Bitfrost security model and the feature that allows XO users to view and modify the code they are running. The complaints I am seeing in previous posts are like complaining that your food processor doesn't have the ability to vacuum your living room, even though it does all the kitchen functions it was designed for superbly.

Made my OLPC donation on November 22, 2007 and am wondering what delivery date will be for my laptop?

Good job getting the forum up and running Wayan.
SimpleMachines forum was a good all nighter? It should have been quicker than that! ;)

XOUser should be ready in a few days I hope.

aThanksfor another post slamming anyone who dares suggest there are problems with the XO. Glad to know someone knows what the XO OS is supposed to do. Now that we have our hands on it, it doesn't seem like it was designed to do what kids need or anyone else besides those who want "Bitfrost security and the ability to modify" the OS. I missed that bitfrost thing and code modification for children thing in the OLPC vision statement.

You certainly set the bar high for those little ones in developing countries whose hands are small enough to use the XO keyboard! And all this time I thought they needed to learn to read and write the language of their culture. I feel fooloish not knowing that all this time their survival depended on their ability to write Python code.

I appreciate all of the research that went into the deciding that kids don't need to bookmark websites (a basic ability for any other browser) but that they do need to modify their code. Now I see how we are supposed to get real bookmarking...have little children in the third world hack the broken app that shipped with our XO's? Hmmmm. Sounds like a familiar paradigm.

Is there anywhere you can purchase the Xo for $100? I remember hearing it's the $100 laptop - but prices seem to be $400+.

Also does anyone have an idea on the age range for this computer? I wanted to get one for my four year old cousin, is that too young?

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