OLPC News Boston Meetup this Saturday!


Thanks to the tireless organizing efforts of Aunti Mame of the Mass XO User Group, there will be an OLPC News meetup this Saturday at 5pm in Cambridge, just across the Charles River from Boston, and in the shadow of the OLPC offices.

wayan vota
My opinion of the XO laptop

We'll be congregating at the Kendal Square Cosi around 5pm to talk One Laptop Per Child and its progress, impact, and activities. Maybe if we're lucky, OLPC staffers will come out and join the lively discussion.

I hope to canvas OLPC supporters for their ideas on the XO laptop for my upcoming talk at CUNY: Combating the Digital Divide and Information Limits around the Globe: Free and Open Source Initiatives. Specifically, what the Boston crowd expects the OLPC impact to be five years from now, in 2013.

Will the XO make a lucky 13? And will it do so by empowering education and Open Source, or a wave of change in low-cost technology applications, with education and Open Source an afterthought? Come by on Saturday and mesh over the concept:

OLPC News Boston Meetup
Saturday, March 8 at 5pm
Kendal Square Cosi
290 Main St, Cambridge (map)

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Here's another topic for the meetup: OLPC after Negroponte - what will it look like, who might be leading it, and where will it go now that he's leaving: http://www.olpcnews.com/people/negroponte/olpc_ceo_search_negroponte.html

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