In Search of a Current OLPC:News Wiki Page


According to the OLPC Wiki Statistics page, the top five viewed pages on the wiki for One Laptop Per Child are:

  1. The OLPC Wiki - 2,983,188
  2. Activities/All - 2,452,103
  3. Activities - 639,515
  4. OLPC:News - 515,650
  5. Hardware specification - 449,056

Now as someone with a special interest in OLPC news, I checked out the OLPC:News page first. I was hoping to see announcements about OLPC that I'd missed elsewhere, or at least current news about the organization and its progress. Sadly, I was greatly disappointed.


As of March 2011, the most recent update to the news page was July 29, 2010. Before that, January 27th 2010, and then 2009 entries.

Maybe I'm a little obsessive, but we've been publishing OLPC news at least 3 times a week, every week, for the last 5 years. So in all those entries, there should have been at least one news item per month that could've been published on the OLPC Wiki.

Even the OLPC Blog is updated more often. Yet, that could be the point: wikis are nice for reference, but nothing beats a blog for news delivery.


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