Welcome to OLPC News Website Upgrade!


I like Green Spice

After two years of the same format, I felt that One Laptop Per Child News needed a design kick. So I've added a little green spice to the experience.

Coinciding with G1G1 2008, I've taken the liberty to upgrade both the frontend and backend (now Moveable Type 4.2) to reflect changes in web design since I launched this humble enterprise.

I hope you enjoy discovering the new functionality of the site, I'll let you explore and share in the sprit of Sugar. I'm sure you'll find much joy with hidden gems.

Oh, do let me know if you find any errors or bugs. Also, I'll be tweaking the site over the Thanksgiving weekend, so be patient if things look weird for a moment.

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Wow, the place looks great!

Love the look and extra content from comments and forum posts.

Keep up the great work!

Glad you like the site. Wait till you wander through and stumble over some of the fresh new functionality

Can this picture be changed to something more child-friendly?


I think that's quite a child friendly photo - it makes me want to create more children every time I look at it ;)


A woman playing with a laptop is unfriendly to children?

There might be problems with regard to women who might not understand why she is photographed that way (or do understand all too well).

But children?


One slight annoyance - emails to @olpcnews.com addresses are not working at the moment and will be down through mid-day Wednesday.


I miss the list of recent comments. The current one does not sort on years.



I too miss a working Recent Comments section and I am trying ot have this fixed asap. As with any upgrade there are fixes all over the place.

Is it just me or has the RSS feed for the site stopped updating since the upgrade? For me the feed is still showing the "Alternate User Interfaces for G1G1 2008 Adults" as the most recent post.

Other than that love the new site!

Thanks for the RSS heads-up, lowside. I'm check on that now.

Awesome, looks like RSS is back up to date again. I was starting to miss my usual convenient OLPC fix... :)

Hey! That's me in the photo up there!

You may not have noticed that none of the photos in my Flickr photostream bear a Creative Commons License. Though I'm not in the business of supplying free stock photos, I've been known to be quite generous when bloggers ask for permission to use my photographs. If people would like to use my work for free, I expect them to have the courtesy to ask first.


I did notice you have the "Blog This" link on your image, which is quite convenient for folks to use to create blog posts that contain your images. That's how this one wound up here.

That privilege is supposed to be enabled for "Friends and Family" but software is not always right. *shrug*