Are There Still 24,000 G1G0 OLPC Donors Waiting for XO's?


Since OLPC started Give One Get One, a few enterprising individuals in the OLPC News G1G1 Forum have been running nightly scripts that check each XO order number on their tracking page, to separate shipping fact from fiction.

On Monday, Dr. Toast posted his XO tracking number results for those that are still waiting:

A few quick observations based on these stats: right now there are about 45,000 laptops that have shipped, and about 24,000 that have not. The laptops have been going out at a trickle for the last several weeks, although there was a big spike of over 5,000 laptops that went out on March 3 (mine was in that batch).
Thanks to Goney3, we now have a visual of the OLPC shipping activity for those that have the email from OLPC:
"Your donation is ready to be shipped and is in our shipping queue. Please check back with us every few days for updates If you have received this same response after several days (2 weeks or more) please contact Donor Services to verify your shipping info"

If you are one of the 24,000 who is still waiting for OLPC to Give One Got Done and have a spreadsheet skill, please download Dr. Toast's stats and do a deeper analysis on the trends you see with XO laptop shipping.

You'll have a few thousand friends if you do.

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Arg! I called last week just to check up and was told my laptop shipped and I should receive it by mid this week. I was doubtful, but hope was raised.
It is mid-week and no laptop.
I just called again and was told that will be sent at the end of March to arrive by mid April.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Are they like this with other organizations? The schools in Alabama are using US keyboards. Are they being pushed back like this? Will the 6th graders receive the computers when they graduate from 8th grade?
OLPC is a fabulous cause and children all over the world will benefit from the research that OLPC has done. But it looks like the Classmate is the way to go. Maybe a real corporation can be held accountable for their actions.

Serious? Is their system designed by INFOCOM (of Zork fame?) or the fine folks who made Colossal Cave? The fact that Dr. Toast mapped out the OLPC's Maze of Twisty Little Package Shipping ( is very impressive; but it'd be nice if this had been transparent from the get-go.

It's so good to see this issue back in the news. I was beginning to think they forgot about us. Did they?

Good god! Can it really be THAT many? I thought it was more like 8K?

I got mine early this month and found the ordeal to be worth it but gee whiz. When WILL G1G0 be over?

23,999. I got mine at noon today. And it was worth every second of the wait.

I didn't get an acknowledgement or order number, but I was charged (on Dec. 7). Has anyone done an analysis of date vs. order number, so I might guess what my order number is?

An analysis of shipped vs. date of order would also be interesting.

My G1G1 XO was ordered on December 15 and it arrived on my doorstep today.

Haven't put the battery in in yet. Haven't turned it on yet. I was pretty shocked to see that it arrived with no T-Mobile certificate. I wanted to clear that up first.

I made two calls to OLPC numbers where they offered me some menus, imparted some information, and then hung up. Now I've found the site where you have to enter your email address and order number, -- which is the same place the certificate would have sent me, I suppose. Still, I think if the shipment isn't going to include what's expected, some little explanation should be made, either right there in the box or in one of the emails I received along the way.

All-in-all, this experience has been so stressful and disappointing that, even if I knew the XO was going to have the latest build and the browser I want to use (which it doesn't), I would probably still feel sort of soul-sick.

Maybe I'll learn to love it. Right now I just look at it and feel queasy.

It is my understanding that the numbe of shipped XO-1`s is significantly north of 45.000 units.

@oddgeezer: You should contact donor services via phone or e-mail and see if they can give you your order number. I ordered on the same day as you (December 7) and that seems to be square in the middle of a huge batch of orders that got missed due to some flakeout with monthly vs daily something or other. At any rate, I have and order number that is in that last bucket--70,000-73729--actually closer to the right endpoint I'm afraid. I think they essentially had to re-key these lost orders so I'm at the back of the line despite ordered before folks who have had theirs for some time. My sense is that I will be one of the very last to get a PC (as you can see above, folks who ordered days after we did are now getting them).



"I was pretty shocked to see that it arrived with no T-Mobile certificate."

Try using your order number at:

I've updated my script so that it will upload the nightly stats to the following site, both as HTML and the raw data:

Finally got mine!

Still no shipping notification; no email from them since January.

Oh, and I didn't get a t-mobile certificate either.

@ J.D. ... your T-mobile activation number is on the shipping label on the box your XO came in (so don't throw is away!).

Folks - the t-mobile "certificate" is just a PIN that you need to enter on a t-mobile website. No one to my knowledge received a certificate with their XO, unless you mean the info on the shipping label.

This is the best place to start if you just got your laptop:

They made a conscious choice to not include a lot of extra paper with the laptop, probably best since many items have been a moving target since the first units began shipping. There are a lot of resources here on OLPCNews, on, and on the wiki (which the link I give above will lead you to) that will help you get started.

Everyone: After playing with this for a bit, I discovered that the "Contact Donor Services" gets merged into the normal data around Feb. 19th. Please keep this in mind as it is nearly 5,400 people. There is a BIG variance if you run a chart without factoring this in by hand. Otherwise please see Dr. Toast's website or the current thread in the News Forums for updated charts.

more than 45k units have shipped, but about 45k order have shipped since we're looking at order numbers, some orders were G1G1 others G2G2, and likely others with bigger numbers then that.

My XO arrived yesterday. I got shipping notification on the 9th, it was scheduled to arrive on the 13th and showed up on the 12th.

@ Josh Gay: There were 80,000+ G1's and these charts are based off reference numbers, and account for 68,000~ donations (that includes G2G2's etc). Its not number of laptops, only reference numbers. :)

...i talked to a volunteer on 3/12 and was told there are 17,000 more to be shipped out..i am still waiting for mine...i ordered it on 12/28....i was told to expect it the beginning of april....

In the original post and I quote:
"A few quick observations based on these stats: right now there are about 45,000 laptops that have shipped, and about 24,000 that have not."

Someone then commented that more then 45k notebooks had shipped, I simply was adding that yes, 45k orders (each for 1 or more notebooks) had shipped per the information provided, sorry if I didn't make that clear enough I think I posted that way late at night with a pounding headache.

Got mine Friday (3 days ago). Got my "your order has shipped" email today. ;)

So, where's the hand crank or pull cord or whatever that the wiki says should come with it? Other than that, all was as promised.

"So, where's the hand crank or pull cord or whatever that the wiki says should come with it?"

Which wiki page are you referring to? Please provide a link.

I thought it was common knowledge that the Get One laptops would be shipped with only a standard North American AC adaptor for power.

still waiting for mine. called the customer service yesterday and the lady was so so rude, kind of implied that what's the big deal. you'd get the laptop soon.

ordered mine on december 31st, got email yesterday saying it had shipped, and it showed up on the doorstep today.

Similar to bsittler, I ordered on Dec 31st, and received my laptop on March 19. Best of luck to those who have been delayed.

"I thought it was common knowledge that the Get One laptops would be shipped with only a standard North American AC adaptor for power."

Nope. The knowledge was that this laptop was "different" - rechargeable by nontraditional means.

As for the wiki page, the info is still at : "The units will ship with some kind of human-powered charger that plugs into the DC socket."

G1G1 XO's come with an A/C power adapter. Other power supplies are designed and built for the third world (i.e. outside North America and Europe).

There are lots of options for powering an XO in North America, including hand-crank flashlights, 12V car adapters, solar panels, power packs.

While it may not be 'common' knowledge that G1G1 only come with an A/C adapter, it certainly has been published in several places.