Buy an XO-1.5 Laptop on eBay - the Best OLPC Black Friday Deal Ever


Woohoo! Check this out, there is an actual XO-1.5 laptop for sale on eBay. cbutcher5 won the XO-1.5 from One Laptop Per Child in a Betty Crocker contest and now it can be yours.

Special thanks to Dinky and Gabey8 for finding this deal. Now its up to you (and me) to see who is going to bid the most for it - expect the final price to be well past $200. I say this XO-1.5 will sell for at least $350. What's your guess (or bid)?

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eBay seller jjdebner has not just one, but two hot, new XO-1.5 laptops for sale on eBay. As jjdebner says: [more]

You only have two days left to score yourself a new XO-1.5, the upgraded One Laptop Per Child computer that sports a faster processor and more RAM (1Ghz and 1Gb RAM) than the XO-1. The XO-1.5 also includes both the Sugar Learning Environment and Linux... [more]


I'm actually more interested on the price of the 10th one (if a 10th ever appears) because it might give a signal for another G1G1

The XO-1.5 bid price has just passed $200 - a nice milestone for OLPC

the XO-1.5 is now at $255 with about one day left in the bidding.

$270, do I hear $270 for an XO-1.5?

I guess we'll see this item again.
Looks like was snatched by a "professional"

What does bought by a "professional" mean?

I was suprised - I had expected the price to be near $400, since other Unused XO's had been selling in excess of $385.

Guess ending the auction at 5 am (ET), (2 am PT),was not a good move if you were seeking to maximize price.

I would be happy only if I could buy an XO-1.5 baseboard on ebay so I could upgrade my XO-1 into a usable machine.

I believe $350 is a very fair price for an XO-1.5. I wouldn't pay more myself.