Buy an XO-1.5 Laptop Now! eBay Auction Ending Soon


You only have two days left to score yourself a new XO-1.5, the upgraded One Laptop Per Child computer that sports a faster processor and more RAM (1Ghz and 1Gb RAM) than the XO-1. The XO-1.5 also includes both the Sugar Learning Environment and Linux GNOME in a dual boot.

The first XO-1.5 laptop to sell on eBay went for $316 USD, and I'm thinking thats chump change for those that really want to see innovation first-hand. So don't delay, bid today!


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Man, those things were intense at the end. I was typing in "450" right as the bidding closed at $420.01 .

Dang, the same guy bought both of them! He should resell one ;P

So... can someone put down $23.000 and get 100 of these for his/her "deployment to a remotely connected group of learners" ?... ;D
Even at $300 each should make a nice profit in no time!

We would need 100 people willing to spend >$230 for a laptop and somebody with a lot of cash. I'm willing! That's 1/100 . There were 6 other highest bidders during the auction, so that's 7/100 . Should make a website and collect money. (select: "I will put down >=$230 now"/"I will pay >=$230 for a laptop if it's available"/"I can contribute $X towards $23,000 if I get Y% profit")