Two New OLPC XO Fanboys: Håkon Wium Lie & Michael Calore


What might happen when Opera CTO, Håkon Wium Lie shows a Children's Machine XO to's Michael Calore? You get a OLPC XO fanboy meet-up and a demonstration of the laptop's hardware on video:

Now how fanboy might Michael be after seeing the One Laptop Per Child computer up close? Check his laptop review:
My impressions of the OLPC: It's very tiny and lightweight. The keyboard has a rubber membrane on top of all the moving parts, so it's spill-proof (It's not called The Children's Machine for nothing). But it's still easy to type on. The antennae can connect to a wireless mesh network. The user interface is very simple. You hit a key to go into what's basically an "application launcher mode," then you choose your desired app from a list of icons.

The machine Håkon brought by was running Opera, a simple word processor, a BitTorrent client (woah!), a couple of games and a chat/communication client. The whole machine has a Fischer-Price vibe to it -- It feels like a toy, but it's definitely a computer. Built in camera and microphone, various I/O ports, and it runs Linux. I was wowed.

Michael, welcome to the fanboy club - we are all wowed by the OLPC Children's Machine XO's clock-stopping hot technology.

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