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Did you think that Twitter was just another annoying Web 2.0 fad that would eventually blow over? Ha! We are adding another attention span destroyer to the olpc news arsenal. You can now follow olpc news on Twitter.

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When Christoph and I took over from Wayan as editors of olpc news, we quickly found out how many people e-mail editor_at_olpcnews_com every day. Some of the e-mails aren't of general interest but many of them are. We try to not to saturate the main page of and leave each new post up for at least one day so it gets its chance to shine. We also put a good amount of time into editing and formatting posts to the main blog site. We will now post the tasty olpc news tidbits that don't make it on to the main blog to Twitter.

The Old-School geeks should be happy to know that you can access Twitter from both vim and emacs. If you're still stuck in Web 1.0 like me, you can just add olpc news Twitter as an RSS feed.

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At least you guys proof read articles and use a spell checker.


You are really boring.
Bring back the old editor.

So what email address do I use to follow?


any e-mail address you check regularly


My apologies. If you are bored I am sure you can find plenty of porn on the Internet to entertain yourself or just go check out

Don't worry about Pero, he's just a twit (see what I did there?). Do you think you guys could embed Twitter into the sidebar? I don't actually use my Twitter account - very Web 1.0 here. You could also just throw the RSS feed in the sidebar.


I would like to embed it but there just isn't enough real estate on the side bar - unless we used some cool web 2.0 AJAX! Will have to investigate that.

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