Hanalei: The Youngest XO Laptop User Ever


Hanalei and her XO

On Saturday, I introduced the XO laptop to the youngest OLPC participant ever. At less than a day old, my daughter Hanalei was learning and exploring with Sugar.

Or at least I tried to show her daddy's obsession. But so far she's a little resistant to its hard surfaces. When I put her soft bottom on the keyboard, even after it was warmed with daddy's hands, she let out a cry.

With software, I'll have to wait six months before she can enjoy Speak or other activities. "What's Going On In There" (great book!) says that until then, her mind is too undeveloped to benefit from such interactivity.

Still, I can't wait to watch her grow up with her XO.

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Congratulations, Wayan! I look forward to hearing what Hanalei thinks about the XO (in a few years) :-D

Congratulations! Thanks for introducing us to you new obsession. The XO is great, but we understand its lowered position on your priorities scale. ;-)

"her soft bottom on the keypad"? Wayan, the XO features a trackpad, not a buttpad. Did you find out if the XO keyboard is meconium resistant?

Oui! Meconium is some nasty effluence. At least it doesn't smell.


(can i say that ??)

(this sort of geekyness makes even grey hat Open source supporting script line booting hackers say it)

Sounds like another vote against the membrane keyboard.

mozel tov wayan!

Congratulations! Hey, I bet she'll appreciate things like music and sounds played on the XO even before she's old enough to focus attention on it and use it.

Maybe a heartbeat sound file played back would be a way for the XO to speak her language while she's still tiny.

Congrats to you and your wife !

Congratulations, Wayan.

She's named after one of the most beautiful spots on the island of Kauai.

Nice photo, but I got an earlier OLPC user! Andres Felipe Yohn was born March 6th and the photo was made with with his OLPC XO!

See the link on the Website URL, since I can't directly add a photo!

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