XO Software Release 8.2.0 Upgrade Parties in Washington DC


Are you excited that XO Software Release 8.2.0, developed by OLPC engineers and the OLPC open source community, is now ready for you? I know I am. So much, I've already upgraded one of my XO's.

olpc 8.2.0 upgrade xo
You too can 8.2.0 XO upgrade

If you too would like Release 8.2.0, the G1G1x2 platform, then get yourself to one of two Release 8.2.0 Upgrade Parties:

  1. On Thursday, October 16th, we'll have an adult OLPC News Happy Hour at the Looking Glass Lounge in Washington DC.
  2. On Saturday, October 18th, we'll have a kid-friendly OLPC Learning Club DC upgrade party at Nortel Networks.
Either way, join us in the upgrade action to enjoy the major new features of Release 8.2.0, based on a child focused graphical interface called Sugar, a Red Hat Fedora 9 Linux operating system and OLPC customized implementations of core software including power management, wireless drivers, NAND flash file system, Open Firmware, and other components, including:
  • A updated Home view and Journal with new options for finding and organizing activities.
  • An enhanced Frame for collaborating with other XOs, switching between running activities and accessing external USB sticks.
  • A graphical Control Panel for setting language, network, and power preferences.
  • An automated Software Update tool which finds the latest version of activities and updates them over the Internet.
  • Integration with the School Server for backup of XOs and restore of files to the Journal as needed.
  • New and updated translations for many languages.
  • A new user manual shipped with the XO as an activity.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.
If you want to upgrade alone (and who does that?), instructions and more details can be found in the 8.2.0 Release Notes. No matter how you upgrade, give thanks to the many people who gave their time and energy to make this release a reality - with special kudos to Greg Smith.

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For the happy hour - the meshing starts at 6pm at Looking Glass Lounge. I'll bring one USB of 8.2.0 to share, please bring one of your own too if possible.

I'll be there (for both, most likely)! I'll try to bring a few USBs with 8.2.0 on them.

I'll be there (for both, most likely)! I'll try to bring a few USBs with 8.2.0 on them.

What is the difference between gg-767-4.img and 0s767.img?
I prefer not to have all the activities added to the X0.

I did a clean install of gg-767-4 and lost things that were working right in the previous clean install of a joyride. (I forget which joyride.) Now, when starting the browser, I get a warning about the rainbow daemon security not being right. I no longer see anyone in my mesh network ever, in spite of setting jabber back to the obscure server. There were a few other wonky things (I think) but I forget what. Will try to make tomorrow (Thursday) night, but will definitely be there on Saturday.

Is anyone from DC interested in coming up to Philly for an Upgrade Party? We normally have a small group that meets on the first Sunday afternoon of the month at 30th Street Station's Cosi cafe.

Stop by the Philly Users Group forum here: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?board=42.0