The OLPC Children's Machine XO as a Party Favor


With the One Laptop Per Child prototypes spreading far and wide, geeks are starting to get their game on with them. First we had Doom on the OLPC XO and just recently, Super Mario 3.

And now we have a whole other game for the Children's Machine XO: the laptop party favor. Colin Charles had a Christmas Party invite that bragged:

"If anyone’s reading blogs on Christmas Eve (go out, already!) the annual Open House at my place will happen on Christmas Day, from 12-4pm. Do come by for great food, cookies & cakes, and I hear there shall be a demo of an OLPC as well!"
While that's pretty innocent, you know there were and will be others not so subtle. Times and places where the laptop will be the focus of attention and desire, the lure geeks will use to attract those they wish to impress.

Is that wrong? The use of the OLPC XO as a party favor? I don't think so, as long as it's done in moderation and with humor. But what do you think? Should there be such mirth with One Laptop Per Child?

Or simply: If you had an OLPC laptop, would you show it off house-party style?

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It's not a party favor. A party favor is an inexpensive item that you give to everyone who comes to the party.

"Is that wrong? The use of the OLPC XO as a party favor? I don't think so, as long as it's done in moderation and with humor."

Why would it be wrong to do it without moderation and humor? Would some grave harm result?

...and the fud continues... (and my comments will keep being deleted).

Is it wrong to use the promise of a chance to play with an XO machine as an inducement to attend a geek party?
Only if you aren't a geek!

They certainly sound like party favors to me.

John, The only reason your comments would be deleted here at OLPCNews was if they contained profanity or did not follow the site guidelines for posting.
Personally I see little contribution in your postings but Wayan sees fit to leave them here.
Go figure...


I do not delete posted comments, even those critical of OLPC News.

If you do not see yours appearing, you may have missed the Turning Test when you preview your comments. Then the comment goes into the always-overflowing junked spam comments folder.

I do my best to rescue valid comments from there, but as this is a popular site, I get a few hundred spam comments a day and I can only do so much to foster human commentary.

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