XO Laptop Lending Library in Washington, DC


The OLPC Learning Club DC is operating its XO Laptop Lending Library. The club will loan attendees of our meetings an XO laptop for up to a month. Ideal patrons of this service are individuals who:

  • want to get some hands-on time with an XO "to see if it's for them."
  • have an idea for the OLPC Contributor's Program to get granted one or more free laptops, but want to try out an XO in order to test a concept.
  • have one XO already and need a second to try our the wireless collaboration features.
  • need an XO to do a presentation.

Arrangements need to be made in advance by email to Mike Lee, Jeff Elkner or Kevin Cole. The laptops can be picked up at the next scheduled meeting. Meetings are typically held at the Arlington Career Center or Gallaudet University.

We have also made arrangements to store some laptops at HacDC for pick-up, but please do not ask them to arrange for the laptop loans. Use the email addresses above. At the meeting, we will collect your contact information and we reserve the right to check ID if you've never attended before.


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How did you accumulate the 20+ XO 's ?

I have accumulated 10 XO's so far, with the goal of starting a lending library for mid-Michigan. Is this enough ?

Ten is a fine number for running a laptop lending library!

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