Its OLPC XO Stable Build & Firmware Update Time Again


Did you know that the latest stable build, 385,and firmware release, Q2B87, are now available for download? If you haven’t updated your OLPC XO, do it now. One Laptop Per Child developers do not anticipate releasing another stable build for several weeks.

If you, like I, don't have a BTest-2 Children's Machine XO to update, you can always swap firmware vicariously with this X0 video:

While you stare at endless code, be sure to educate yourself with the Release notes. There you can learn that:
LiFe batteries incorrectly flash red light:
LiFe batteries are lighter and have "battery sample" on the back; if they flash the red "battery low" LED, removing and reinserting the battery will get the indicator back to correctness.
Was Ticket 1051, and with Q2B87, is now fixed.

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my child natasha would like to win a laptop because she would like to talk to her farther and we cant afford a new laptop