OLPC BTest-2 Children's Machine XO Laptops Released!

olpc xo btest-2
Time to OLPC XO Btest-2

OLPC has announced that OLPC XO BTest-2 laptops are now shipping to those who can test and develop the "$100 laptop" hardware and software.

While full BTest-2 release notes are forthcoming, OLPC says that:

The BTest-2 hardware is continuing beta test for the electronics, beta test of the new screen (this time with a diffuser improving it futher) and touch pad. The industrial design is only somewhat improved from BTest-1; most of the learning from BTest-1 on mechanical improvements could not be incorporated in time for BTest-2 and so BTest-3 will be significantly more rugged than BTest-1 or BTest-2.

BTest-2's focus will start the process of testing the mesh network, and we are also working on suspend/resume, though as of this writing, suspend/resume is not yet running, though the preparatory work is now complete.

Oh and if you are one of the lucky Developer Program participants to get a BTest-2, be sure to note there are a few quirks in the hardware. Jean Piché already issued a trackpad warning:
Because of blotches and air bubbles, I almost tried to peel off what seemed like a protective strip of paper on the trackpad. It's a mylar sheet not to be removed!
Now with that caution in mind, check out the four ways to own OLPC technology and start BTest-2'ing!

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I just want to say thank you for keeping us all up to date on the OLPC. You take the time & effort we all should.