Tonight: Adult XO Operating System Challenge!


The only way to test OS's

Don't forget tonight's XO operating system showdown in Washington, DC! We'll have two different adult user interfaces squaring off against Sugar: Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10.

G1G1 2008 donors can also get their XO's upgraded to Release 8.2.0, the Sugar build that makes the XO rock.

OLPC News Adult OS Challenge
Fedora vs. Ubuntu vs. Sugar
Tuesday, December 16 @ 6pm
Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Ave NW (map)
Petworth Metro Station, Washington DC

Mike Lee and I will have multiple Live SD cards with Fedora and Ubuntu images, and would love to have others bring Xfce or LDXE enabled XO laptops so we can see which user interface makes us grown-up kids the happiest.

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Looks fun! Sorry I won't make it, but at least I'll keep my XO from getting beer spilled on it, or worse, looking like MS XP (again).

Initial learnings:

- At 8 minutes for Fedora 10, you can get drunk before it loads.

- Once complied, Teapot's Ubuntu 10.8 is sweet, minty, and light.

- Either OS goes well with Oktoberfest beers

- Sugar is still the best for children

At 8 minutes to drunkenness, it sounds like Ubuntu isn't the only lightweight!

how fast does ubunto 10.8 boot compared to sugar?

Both Sugar and Ubuntu boot about the same time - just make sure you have a developer key for your XO. I did not and so I only got Sugar on my XO's

It's Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex", not 10.8. Ubuntu major/minor version numbers are year and month of the release date.