Adult OS Challenge in DC: Fedora vs Ubuntu vs Sugar


Teapot's Ubuntu 8.10 launching

Are you wondering which adult operating system is best for the XO laptop? Could Fedora 10 or Ubuntu 8.10 replace Sugar for G1G1 donors who want dual boot XO laptops? There is only one way to find out - join the OLPC News Adult OS Challenge in Washington, DC:

OLPC News Adult OS Challenge
Fedora vs. Ubuntu vs. Sugar
Tuesday, December 16 @ 6pm
Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Ave NW (map)
Petworth Metro Station, Washington DC

Mike Lee and I will have multiple Live SD cards with Fedora and Ubuntu images, and would love to have others bring Xfce or LDXE enabled XO laptops so we can see which user interface makes us grown-up kids the happiest.

A special invite goes out to new G1G1 2008 participants - we'll happily upgrade you to Sugar Release 8.2.0 while we're at it.

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Thanks to the ingenuity of rraucci on the OLPC News Forum, we now have Mac OS 9 for the XO laptop! As he says: [more]

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I have FC 10 on a SD card. I would say it's too slow to be useful for anything and seems to shorten the battery life (though I haven't measured the battery life of FC 10 v. Sugar...just an impression).

Will you be at Tuesday's meetup in DC? Love to test your Fedora 10 battery life vs. Sugar in a real world setting.

Try Teapots Ubuntu distribution, it works very well. There is no reason F10 couldn't be tweaked to run as fast.

I run DebXO and highly recommend trying that out too, I haven't run the others (wish I was in DC to see them) but try to get someone wiht DebXO, it seems really fast and lean.

I don't yet have my g1g1 laptop, but if I came by to see the challenge, would that be okay?

We'll have plenty of XO laptops for everyone to play with - I'm bringing two and extra SD Cards for others.

Speaking as one of FedoraonXO members, Fedora 10 for XO is directly based from LiveCD version thus not fully optimized. The goal is to provide fixes and optimization and port them to upstream i.e no specific version of the same package.

DebXO should be in there, even to the exclusion of Fedora (which hasn't even beebn optimized for the XO yet)


Is there some way you can get DebXO to the meeting? Either show up yourself or maybe create the file(s) I would need to put on an SD card?

It's a very easy install onto SD card.