Plan Ceibal Announces XO Laptop Sales to Individuals


Now, as part of the "Aula Ceibal" program in Uruguay, if your child goes to a private school, you may buy an XO for $215 USD. You may do likewise if your child's XO was lost or stolen, whether your child goes to a public or private school.

Some paperwork is required

A police report if your XO got stolen or lost, and a form, signed and sealed by the school. In the case of private schools, with information about how much you are paying as school fees. If yours is not among the more expensive ones, you may qualify for a rather generous subsidy.

Schools may buy XOs themselves, that then become property of the school, but no more than 2 lots of 25 to 30 XOs. Individual parents may purchase XOs, whether the school is buying them or not, for their children.

Children who receive a full scholarship because of low family income will get their XOs for free. Children whose parents pay annual fees under 5.600 $ UY (about $ 230 USD) pay only $10 USD, and then the price goes up as the school fees you pay are higher, in the assumption that parents that already pay more can afford more - standard double whammy of reverse discrimination for private schools in many places, but at least the green things are available. Purchases on credit are possible in Montevideo. Delivery is indicated to happen within 15 days from payment.

Schools wishing to purchase XO lots are required to get at least a 3 Mb fixed IP connection. Those having already purchased XOs at a higher price will be comped with extra XOs.


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