OLPC Australia: G1G1 2008 Down Under for $468.95USD


In the ever expanding Give 1 Get 1 Globally program, we can now add Australia to the list of countries that are in G1G1 2008. OLPC Australia has just opened up their G1G1 order form and have high hopes according to IT News:

Get your Aussie G1G1 XO's
The organisation has 'under 2,000' units available for delivery in Australia before Christmas, according to Rangan Srikhanta, executive director of OLPC Australia.

"If we can reach up to 5,000 units that would be very phenomenal," Srikhanta told iTnews. "That would match the 5,000 we gave to children of the Pacific earlier this year from the first [global] Give 1 Get 1 program."

Good luck to the Aussies. They're trying to sell XO laptops in a global recession with a painful price hike. To G1G1 in Australia with cost almost AUD$700. That beats the OLPC Canada price hike pain of $610 Canadian Dollars, plus foreign currency charge for using Visa, but its not a contest OLPC Australia needs to win.

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Yes, the exchange rate did hurt a bit - but not as much as 'the look' from Mrs Grendel.

They are charging $399 AUD for a laptop, with the profits going towards OLPC-AU projects

They are charging $468.95, Bill, not $399, as that's the cost to you to buy one - not $399.

Its a small point, but an important one, as too may times, too many people fail to mention total costs of ownership when it comes to technology. And shipping/taxes are part of that total cost.

You are correct, Wayan. Thank you.

I did an order simulation on the olpc-au site and the extra charges are:
GST $20
Shipping and Handling $40
Transaction Fee $10

I also notice that it is not a Give one, Get one scheme because if you order two the price just doubles to a whopping $927.90


"The cost of starting a 100-laptop project in the neediest parts of the world is now under $220"

"the cost for projects in other parts of the world is $259 per laptop"

220 (give) + 259 (get) = $479

These numbers add up.

The point to take away is that no matter if you're buying from OLPC, or OLPC-AU, both projects are taking some off the top to support their respective organisations.