G1G1 2008 Last Chance: Buy an XO Laptop Today!


G1G1 Global Buyers

G1G1 USA Buyers

This is not a drill. This is not a joke. It is now official, Give One Get One is ending. One Laptop Per Child will stop worldwide retail XO laptops sales on December 31 for both G1G1 Global and G1G1 USA.

If you want to own the clock-stopping hot XO laptop, this is your last chance to buy it through Amazon. From now on, your only options will be eBay or direct donations to others through the Simply Give and Give a School programs.

So do not delay, buy your XO laptop today!

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Now the big question of course is how many XOs were sold in total... Anyone willing to make any bets?

How many 2008 G1G1 XO's? That's a post for Jan 1. Who knows if we'll get an answer though.