OLPC March Madness: 75,000 XO Laptops for India


I understand that the "March madness" that comes with closing the financial year on the 31st March has brought some good news for OLPC India.

Happiness with XO madness
  • One industrial house has ordered 25000 laptops over the year 2010 out of which 2000 have been ordered to be in place by 31st March.
  • Another industrialist has offered a fully furnished office space for 10 professionals, managers and the leadership of OLPC India along with putting all the professionals on their payroll.
  • Yet another industrial house has ordered to roll out to 10,000 children from the 2009-19 budget and another 40,000 from the 2010-11 budget.

While there may be more, I thought of sharing with you what has been firmed up and may require many of the OLPC enthusiasts an opportunity to work with the implementation challenges this year.

S Adhikari posted this update to the OLPC India listserv

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