G1G1 2008: From Give to Get in less than a day!


I'm impressed: less than 36 hours after Give 1 Get 1 started we are seeing the first report from a donor in the United States who made use of the overnight shipping option and received his Get XO today. The initial reaction is probably similar to what many of last year's Give 1 Get 1 donors experienced:

Jon's also a happy G1G1 donor.
I love this little laptop.

With this kind of initial feedback I'm sure the Give 1 Get 1 page on Amazon.com will keep showing the following information for quite a some time:

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Stay tuned to dethl's thoughts as he toys around with his XO in this forum thread and generally let us know how your ordering goes by leaving a comment below or heading to the forums. We have also created a special sub-section for all things concerning Give 1 Get 1 Europe.

Kudos to Amazon and OLPC for obviously getting things right this time!

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It was high time they got it right.

I just hope these units don't ship with the "sticky key" keyboards. I just got fed up with periodically dissembling my XO and ordered a replacement from ilovemyxo.com.

Any word of the option of the fedora desktop OS on the units?

Ahh, why do we Europeans have to wait a month to get ours?

sola, you can pre-order Fedora10-on-SD for the XO at http://on-disk.com/product_info.php/products_id/595 ($34), it will be shipped once F10 is released on Nov 25 IIRC

Jens, it is my understanding that the whole G1G1 coming to Europe deal was a pretty short-term decision so details in the fulfillment process have to be finalized, plus in the US Amazon had actually stocked their warehouses with x-thousand XO laptops to allow for quick shipping to donors.