Walter Bender to Talk About OLPC and XO 3.0 at mEducation Event in D.C. on February 10


Resumen en español al final del artículo

Yesterday the Mobiles for Education Alliance - which includes many big players such as USAID, U.S. Department of State, Peace Corps, World Bank, IADB, UNICEF, UNESCO, and others - announced an upcoming event with Sugar Labs' Walter Bender.

The topic for the February session of the mAlliance's Seminar Series is "The OLPC Project, Learning and the XO 3 Tablet" and according to the invitation it will focus on:

  • The move to a tablet device for OLPC
  • The relationship between device design and learning
  • The OLPC model and the Sugar operating system

The invitation also mentions that:

An interactive and informative discussion will follow Walter's presentation, and attendees will be invited to explore hands-on the XO 3 tablet and the soon-to-be-released XO 1.75 and XO 1.75 touch.

The event will take place on Friday, February 10th between 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. (EST). For those of you who are based in D.C. the physical address is Ronald Reagan Building, North Tower, 1300 Pennsylvania, Suite 700 but there's also an option to follow the presentation virtually. In either case mAlliance asks that you RSVP to

I'll do my best to attend the virtual presentation as this is certainly promising to be an interesting session.

Resumen en español: El 10 de febrero Walter Bender estara dando una presentación enfocado en OLPC, el aprendizaje y el XO 3.0 en un evento en Washington, D.C. Felizmente tambien hay una forma virtual de seguir el evento de la distancia y voy a intentar de verlo así. Hay más información sobre el evento en la invitación (en Inglés) y para regitrarse hay que mandar un correo a


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Would be great if the talk could be recorded for later viewing.

There is a mLearning summit happening in Brazil and his input would be very welcomed.

Alexandro, I don't know if the talk will be recorded for later viewing but I'll ask about it.

Alexandro, I just heard back from the organizers and they will record the presentation and subsequently make it available online. :-)

I sent an email to the address of the invitation, as I wanted to participate remotely. They answered: "Thank you for your interest in this month's mEducation Seminar. A link will be sent to you ahead of the seminar for participating through WebEx." Now the presentation is about to begin and I didn't receive such email and I find no links to see it. :(